Google Ads Audit

If you have an existing Google Ads account and managing it in-house, you may require an experienced Google Certified Professional to go through your account and ensure it has been structured correctly, using the correct targeting options, displaying compelling advertising messages and not wasting money on unqualified traffic.

Stop Wasting Money!

Are you doing it right? all it takes is incorrect setup and you could be wasting hundreds  of dollars every month.

Areas covered

  • Review Goals

  • Review Account Structure

  • Campaign Settings

  • Geo Targeting

  • Bidding Strategy

  • Ad Group Structure

  • Keywords/Negative Keywords

  • Ad Copies – Text & Display

  • Ad Extensions

  • Landing Pages

  • Conversion Tracking

  • Google Analytics linking

  • Creating Goals & Remarketing Audiences

  • Reporting & Action Plan

The questions below will serve as a foundation for our audit process.

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