Our pricing isn't fixed due to several factors. These include your budget, the size and intricacy of your account, such as the number of campaigns and ad groups, the frequency of required changes (for example, frequent sales for retailers), and whether we are managing an existing account or starting a new one from the ground up.

We function on a month-to-month basis without long-term contracts, offering greater flexibility and optimal results for your Google Ads campaigns. This ensures you aren't bound by a lengthy commitment and can choose to conclude our services and manage your Google Ads account at your discretion. Nonetheless, we recommend giving our management a chance for at least two to three months to witness the advantages.

While there's no fixed minimum spend, we typically work with clients who allocate at least $900 per month for advertising.

To gauge your likely expenditure, consider:

  • Campaign objectives like brand awareness, lead generation, or driving website sales
  • The number of products or services you would like to advertise
  • The competitive landscape of your industry
  • Your ad's geo-targeting e.g. local, regional, national or international
  • Yes, if you've paid for the account setup, it's yours. This ensures you have complete access and can view everything we can.

    NO - there are far too many external variables outside our control

  • Competitive Landscape: Entry/exit of competitors, bid changes, and budget shifts.
  • Search Trends: Seasonality and news-related search fluctuations.
  • Economic Factors: Changes in purchasing power due to economic shifts.
  • Platform Changes: Google's algorithm, format, and policy updates.
  • Device Trends: Shifts between desktop, mobile, and emerging devices.
  • Consumer Behavior: Changes in societal values and consumption patterns.
  • External Marketing: Impact of other advertising campaigns on Google Ads.
  • Regulations: Data protection and advertising policy shifts.
  • External Events: Disruptions like natural disasters and political events.
  • Website Issues: Downtime, load times, and other technical problems.
  • Supply Chain: Disruptions leading to product stock outs.
  • Product Changes: Updates or alterations in product/service offerings.
  • We can guaranteed consistent hard work, clear communication, and great service, drawing from our 13-year history of managing close to 200 accounts across New Zealand, Australia, US, UK and more

    We don't specialize in SEO (search engine optimization). Instead, our expertise lies in Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, with experience managing nearly 200 accounts over a span of 13 years.